50 Latest Sister Whatsapp Status In English For Facebook | Sister Status

We all know that brother-sister relationship is very rough. Brother how much does your sister need? Rakhi was tied on brother’s wrist. And the brothers promise to protect them throughout their lives, the sisters are a good friend to the brothers. We all love our sister more than anything in this whole world. He is […]

Best Status For Wife In English Share the Whatsapp and Facebook | Wife Status

Everyone knows the word in wife because they love the wife. The wife is a woman who works at home and handles other work. The wife is very strong, she always stands with the husband with any problem. A husband knows the value of a wife. Everyone knows that the woman is behind the successful […]

50 Latest And Best Status For Husband In English | Hubby Status

Everyone knows that when it comes to working at home, husbands refuse to work in secret, but it is not the case that many husbands extend their hand in wives’ work in their home. A husband is a hard rock who stands with his family and his wife in times of trouble, the less he […]

50 [Latest] Father Whatsapp Status In English For Facebook | Father Status

In today’s time, everyone is aware of the importance of father. He knows how important a father is to him. The father is a man whose fingers hold our finger and we learn to walk, sitting on his shoulder and we see the world. Mother as well as father play an important role in our […]

*50 Best Happy Life Whatsapp Status In Englisg For Facebook | Life Status

Everyone knows about life. They know that life is difficult to meet, so we should spend our lives smiling and laughing. Life is a precious gift given to us by God, which we should not sing in vain, but use our life well. Even if we do not face any major problem, but we should […]

50 {Latest} Happy Feeling Status In English for Facebook | Feeling status

Everyone understands the word feeling, it is very difficult to put feeling in front of others. And especially when he / she is one of your loved ones. If something is wrong with you and you are unhappy, you do not have to worry. Here we are feeling something for you. This good position will […]

Best And {Top} Emotional Whatsapp Status In English For Facebook | Emotional Status

Emotions are something that helps you a lot about yourself without saying anything. If you are unhappy or if you have messed with your life, you will have some sad feelings. It feels so weird when someone asks you how your life is going, especially when you are busy handling some meaningful things in your […]

Latest Feeling Alone Status for Facebook and Whatsapp English | Feeling Status

Loneliness is the worst feeling in the world. If you are alone, you already know how badly it hurts. It becomes very difficult to do something when you are alone. Your mind stops thinking, and sometimes you can be a victim of depression. If you want to take one step from this, then you can […]

Best Heart Touching Status in English For Facebook | Heart Touching Status

As there are so many things to feel and experience but few things that touch our heart. And if something makes you happy, touches your heart, and satisfies you then you should definitely go for it. So, today we are going to touch whatsapp status here the most heart which will make you feel very […]

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